Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Four Pack

I hear it all the time on the radio.  Prospective contestants can phone in to win a "family four pack" of tickets to some attraction or event.  I notice that it is so often a "family four pack", and although not usually explicitly stated, it must mean 2 tickets for adults and 2 tickets for children. Hmmm.  Mom and Dad, two kids - how average!

I'm happy for the winners, of course.  I also realize that an unlimited number of tickets just wouldn't be possible.  However, being single myself I have to wonder about individuals or families who don't fit that mold.  If I won a "family four pack" for example, I couldn't treat 3 adult friends.  I could only treat one, and if he or she had no children, we'd have to  borrow some kids or give away the tickets meant for children.  An only child might be able to invite a friend.  A family with more than two children?  Well, at least they'd be subsidized.

Do I hear the sound of a cookie cutter?  Truth is, families now  do not all fit the same pattern.  There are lots of singles in society now - probably more than ever.  There are single parent families, families with many children, and some other very non-traditional families.  I just think it would be nice if there were more acknowledgement that everyone isn't in the same family mold now.  It's time that our notion of family broadens in our communities and in our national life.

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