Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mom - 2017

Wow - anyone out there?  Hard to believe time passes so quickly.  I do believe my last post here was the annual birthday salute to Dad.  I do concentrate on my other blog, The View From Here, so it's hard often to know what to post here.  And do visit there  - often!

Anyway, TODAY would be Mom's birthday.  What more can I say about her?  She loved the family.  Very proud grad of Glassboro State/Rowan.  Very exceptional teacher (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would say that ----- just ask some of her former students!).  Fine poet. Very commited Christian and Episcopalian who really lived her faith.  Of course, she could be stubborn at times (family trait and I'll give you one guess who else has inherited that!) I tell the story on my other blog of how it took both Dad and me to convince her NOT to wear an orange outfit one St. Patrick's Day.  Still, just over all a great lady!

So there it is.  I hope these good wish vibes go out beyond!  Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dad, for 2017! (With an UPDATE!)

Yes, indeed, time keeps moving on.

So it's time to wish my late Father a Happy Birthday.  As I did on Mom's last birthday, here's a list of some cool events which happened on Dad's special day.

  • 1697 - Sir Isaac Newton receives AND SOLVES Jean Bernoulli's 6 Month Time Limit Problem
  • 1788 - The British First Fleet sails into now what is Sydney Harbor; this date now commemorated in Australia as Australia Day
  • 1790 - Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte premieres in Vienna
  • 1837 - Michigan becomes the 26th (!) U. S. state
  • 1925 - Actor and entrepreneur Paul Newman is born
  • 1948 - Executive Order ending racial segregation in the U. S.  Armed Forces is signed
  • 1992 - The Americans with Disabilities Act goes into effect

 So there you go, some cool stuff indeed. 

Happy Birthday, Dad and enjoy your special day cosmically somehow, some way!


The Google doodle told me... today was also the birthday of Bessie Coleman, first African-American/Native American female pilot.  I'm sure Dad, who once had a private pilot's liscence, would approve!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Harmony, Healing, Hope

Here's something I wrote and have set against a starry background.

Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Went to a local restaurant for breakfast today. As I checked out, I noticed a wall hanging behind the counter. I noted how lovely it was and asked the owners about it.  They said it someone made it for them and it was for good luck and protection.

So I just knew I had to do something similar graphically, even with my limited skills.


My original design - "Talisman"

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Some Abstract Art Just for Fun!

Last time I posted some fractal art I did.  Well, I was again in a playful mood and did some graphics with Paint.



"Watercolor in Pink and Gray"         


Saturday, July 02, 2016

My Fractal Art

Guess I just felt the need to do something creative but different.  I do try doing some graphics with paint but I'm always upfront I'm not an artist.  However sometimes more abstract stuff can work and haven't we heard of fractal art?

So I thought I'd see what could do in that regard.  I attempted to use several online generators but couldn't figure them out.  Finally did find one I could actually use..  Results are below.  Hope you enjoy!

'Silver Streaming'

"Bluezy Daydream'

'Glow of Symmetry'


'Cyan Chaining'

Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Unbelievable.  The year is really scurrying along and it's Mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!  Hope you somehow sense this on the other side.

While watching a PBS show it came to light something really neat happened on her birthday way back when.  I'd also seen that something historical happened on her birthday a bit more recently that still has resonance today.  So I thought it might be nice to do something different on this occasion and list a few events which happened at various times on her special day.  So here goes:

  • 1777 - the Marquis de Lafayette arrives in the new "United States"
  • 1805 - Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame) and a few companions of the company arrive at the Great Falls of the Missouri River (a series of waterfalls in North-Central Montana);  this was extremely significant, since not finding this would have put the success of the expedition in jeopardy
  • 1866 - the 14th Amendment to U. S. Constitution passes Congress - a step towards equal rights
  • 1910 - Charles Hamilton makes first one-day round trip NY to/from Phila. by air
  • 1966 - The Supreme Court hands down the Miranda decision (you know, Miranda rights)
  • 1967 - Thurgood Marshall nominated to SCOTUS
  • 1971 - The New York Times published first installment of the Pentagon Papers 
Now those are some pretty cool events.  Well, Mom's a cool lady.

So have a really cool birthday, Mom!