Saturday, December 27, 2008


spunkyonchairThis is a picture of my sweetie, my cat Spunky.  Unfortunately, there is not good news as per my Christmas Wish.  He had gotten weaker the past two days, so I took him to our veterinarian today to check things out.  Sadly, there was some cancer that had spread to his lungs and one of the tumors in an ear was growing back.  Our vet also thought his digestive system probably had cancer cells through it, too.  So we decided to put my dear puss to sleep.

He truly was a trooper during the last few months.  He never stopped giving his mommy lots of love even up to the end.

He was just a wonderful cat and companion.  He used to like to play, especially catch the string.  He would swish his tail as he followed it and got ready to pounce.  He could be quite vocal with the meows and purrs (gotta love that!).  He often would sleep with me.  I always loved it when I came home and would call to him and he would come out to greet me (and I'd let him know he should if he didn't).

I miss him already, of course.  Anyone who has had to do this knows what an agonizing decision it is. But rather that keep putting him through more and more while the chances of any kind of recovery were very slim, it was the only decision that really could be made.  Rest in peace, sweetie.

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