Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Music - My Top Bands

I've long loved music.  I'm really a classic/progressive rock sort of gal, although I do appreciate classical music and listen or go to classical concerts sometmes.

If I were to name my top bands they would be:

1. The Moody Blues
I certainly knew of the Moody Blues before they became one of my big faves. I knew "Nights in White Satin" of course and "Tuesday Afternoon."  But in an old notebook I kept where I wrote down "favorite stuff" I saw I'd included "Voices in the Sky"! I really didn't remember that - and didn't remember the song from back then. I went through a period where I didn't like them ('breathe deep...' gave me the creeps when I was in college) but when I heard "THe Voice" I thought, 'ok they're not so bad.' And when I saw the video for "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" and how handsome Justin was...well, that sealed the deal. The first album I bought was Sur La Mer, maybe not their best album, but a great introduction.  From there I was hooked.  Their music and lyrics are just outstanding and have such personal meaning for me. I have seen them in concert quite a few times! Favorite MB songs:  "Question" (My absolute fave MB song), "The Land of Make-Believe", "Dawning is the  Day", "One More Time to Live", "I Know You're Out There Somewhere", "The Balance".  Favorite MB album:  without a doubt it's A Question of Balance.

2.  The Beatles
I think almost anyone of my generation (yea, Boomers!) would have The Beatles on their list. Their music is just so great on so many levels and of course has set the standard.  Favorite Beatles song: "In My Life."  I also like "Here, There, and Everywhere"(Mom liked that one), "Yesterday", "Eight Days a Week", "You Never Give Me Your Money/Golden Slumbers" (I think the two were "together"). Favorite Beatles Album: hmmmm to be honest I know the individual songs better than the album groupings (don't ask...) so maybe Revolver as that one has "In My Life" on it, right?

3. Argent
I liked the Zombies' "Time of the Season" and somehow got onto Rod Argent's new band. Loved them from the start. Wonderful music and lyrics, and I did get to see them in concert (and I met Rod and Bob!). Favorite Argent songs: "Hold Your Head Up" of course, "Dance In the Smoke", "Be Free", "I Don't Believe in Miracles". And can I include the Russ Ballard penned "Winning"?  favorite Argent album: Argent.

4. Crosby, Still, and Nash (and occasionally, Young)
Another band that's a generational icon. Their music is just so accessible and meaningful. favorite CSNY songs: at the top would be "Our House" and "Carry On", also "Woodstock", "Just a Song Before I Go". Favorite CSNY album, probably CSNY.

5. U2
I don't know quite as much about U2 as the other bands, but I really like a lot of their songs. Haven't had the opportunity to see them in concert, though. I Became aware of them because a couple of undergrads at U. Del. were into them the year I was there doing graduate work. Favorite U2 songs: "All I Need is You", "Beautiful Day", "With You or Without You", "Pride (In the Name of Love)."  Favorite U2 album: probably The Joshua Tree.

6. The Goo Dolls
I heard their songs on the radio (and why aren't they on the airwaves more now, may I ask?) and really like many of them. Haven't had an opportunity to see them in concert either, sigh. Favorite GGD songs: "IRIS", "Stay with You", "Let Love In", "Better Days", "Black Balloon." Favorite GGD album: either A Boy Named Goo or Let Love In.

7. Badfinger
This may seem a curious choice, but in spite of the name,they did many great positive songs. Haven't seen them in concert, either, but Joey (I think it was) was here in my home town, but I couldn't make his performance that night. Favorite Badfinger songs: "Carry On 'Till Tomorrow" is my very favorite Badfinger song, and I find it quite inspirational; also "No Matter What", "Sympathy", "Day After Day." Favorite Badfinger album: Airwaves (Mom gave it to me one Christmas).

8. Little River Band
While double checking songs and albums for this post, my eyes came across them in my list of faves; how could I have forgotten them? Their tunes are catchy and the lyrics memorable. Favorite LRB songs: "Hang On, Help is On the Way", "Happy Anniversary", "Lady", "Reminiscing."  Favorite LRB album: Diamantina Cocktail.

Whew!  I'm exhausted from all of those great songs now running through my head.  So I'd better wrap up and get some rest for 'tomorrow.'  Hope I have some readers and please don't be shy about commenting and sharing your faves!

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