Monday, December 09, 2013

Some Whys

I'm feeling pretty curmudgeonly today and really feel the need to vent.  So here are some of my "whys":
1. Why do we put up with automated phone systems when so many people need jobs?
2.  Why is the singer who hawks an antiacne/skincare line sporting facial hair?
3.  Why do we too often have to sign in or register just to leave a comment on a blog or website?
4.  Why do we have those annoying internet ads that take over web pages when we browse to those sites?
5.  Why is half the stuff I want in the grocery store out of my reach?
6.  And why are there so many displays that clog the aisles in said stores?
7.  Why is the sound when I use my DVD player much softer than usual on my tv?
8.  Why don't they come up with a better alternative than those pump bottles for hand lotion that just allow lotion to harden in the pump?
9.  Why does 'everyone' think that hot/spicy foods are so great? Can't stand them myself...
10.  Why is it when you change radio stations to hear something different, you get first commercials, then some song you really detest?

OK, I feel a little better...

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