Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Disappointment

I hadn't originally planned to blog this, but I finally felt venting might help me feel a bit better.  

What a bitter end to the season of my fave football team, the Seahawks.  I watched the game - well up until the last few seconds (after that final Seattle play), anyway.  But immediately thereafter, I switched channels, unable to stomach the postgame celebration of the Patriots.  Oh, and it didn't help that NBC kept showing Tom Brady on the sidelines every two seconds.

I know so many fans are asking, what was with that last play, anyway?  What WERE they thinking?  NPR has a good article on it and be sure to also read the article at the link they give.  Right play or not, it's a rotten shame it didn't work.  And I have to wonder - what in the world was their game plan?  Whatever it was, it was pretty flawed.  And the defense?  Supposedly a great one, but it didn't seem as though the D played well most of the game.  Seems to me there were a LOT of missed tackles.  So, Mr. Sherman, you're a gamer, can you somehow encourage your defensive teammates to up their game?  Then there's the offense.  What was the plan there?  I know you'd want to run Mr. Lynch a lot, he's excellent and also a gamer.  But maybe it would have been a good idea to run another back occasionally; keep the Pats having to worry about both of them. What about receivers?  It seems that Luke Willson was MIA.  He seems to be a pretty good one, but maybe he needs to really up his game.  And the offensive line?  Looks as though they could improve.  And Mr. R. Wilson - not a bad game, really, but it definitely wasn't his best.  Keep trying to up the ante, Mr. W., and maybe try to get better snyc going with those receivers.  

It was hard to believe that this team had any resemblance to the team that crushed Denver last year. It may be true that around mid-season it didn't even look like the Seahawks would make the playoffs, something not entirely unusual for returning champions.  Pretty cold comfort, though, when your team doesn't play its best in the Super Bowl and loses...

Especially when said team loses to... the Patriots.  The Partriots. Yes, they of 'deflategate.'  I thought the Pats were ok for a while, though I've never been a Tom Brady fan.  Combine that with the fact I really don't care for their head coach, and they've come to be one of my least favorite teams.  And that's what  makes this loss particularly galling. 

I do hope the Seahawks regroup and get ready to take up some unfinished business come September.  Remember, your fans will be watching you!

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