Thursday, March 31, 2016

Internet Pet Peeves

Greetings.  I saw there have been page views, GREAT!  But it would be so lovely to get some more comments.  Hearing from actual readers would be soooo meaningful!

Anyway, on my mind now are some of my internet pet peeves:

  • Having to sign in to leave a comment.   Hey, I know Blogger is really fussy now about either signing in with some id or having third party cookies enabled (I went through a mess when trying to reply on my other blog...)  Oh, yes, let's let more parties track us.  And WordPress --- they have a nerve - if you have a WP account and want to comment on a WP blog, they will demand you sign in EVEN IF YOU DON'T CHOOSE SIGN IN WITH WP!!!  What are they doing even sniffing you if you don't choose that option?  Shame on blogger and wp.  And other sites... sometimes I've seen a post or something I like but you have to login to comment.  Well, unless I'm already registered for some other reason , I WON'T!  Why should I register just to leave a comment???  I don't think so.  So sorry folks about the Blogger sign in, but it's not MY doing at all.
  • Pop up boxes that cover the page and want you to sign up for a newsletter, e-mail posts or whatever.  I find these EXTREMELY annoying.  I generally don't sign up for these anyway, and these pop ups make me much less likely to do so.
  • Auto-play video ads.  How annoying can you get?
  •  Share button boxes that cover part of the text of the page.  I'm not against sharing, but buttons shouldn't interfere with reading the content.
  • "Mobile Friendly" web design that doesn't work well for traditional pc's.  Oh gee, what about those of us who DON'T do the web on mobile devices?  Don't WE deserve functioning websites?  Anyway, I don't like mobile friendly designs.  Boring and often frustrating. 
  • Social media as the gatekeeper.  I'm not much for social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, google + and all.  But why should my voice be drowned out because I don't use them?   Why do companies and all pay attention to twitter hashtags but trying to get noticed without posting on facebook or twitter is increasingly hard?  Why should anyone be left out because of this?  I do value communication and connections; certainly I blog and use e-mail.  But some of the others raise just too many privacy concerns.  So why should I (or anyone) be left out because of our (I feel, very real) concerns)???
  • Cookies and web tracking in general.  Enough already!  Don't tell me a site has to know all about me to let me use it.  Don't tell me cookies are NECESSARY.  They're just ways of funneling data to advertisers (and also the NSA and all).  So I'm sure there could be web designs without them, IF we'd insist on it and the techs really look to implement them.

So what about it?  Any more pet peeves?  


cmsue said...

I can relate and agree with all of your pet peeves. Those annoying things are what keeps the internet free though. Advertisers pay to get in front of you. (they pay more to block your path until you see them - LOL).
Most sites have a feature that if YOU pay, those annoyances go away.
Anyway, keep up the good work.

cinnamonblue said...


Oh yes, those pet peeves do help pay the bills, but they are getting more and more intrusive or annoying. Some sites let you pay to get rid of them? Interesting thought.

Stop by anytime :-) !!!