Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Unbelievable.  The year is really scurrying along and it's Mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!  Hope you somehow sense this on the other side.

While watching a PBS show it came to light something really neat happened on her birthday way back when.  I'd also seen that something historical happened on her birthday a bit more recently that still has resonance today.  So I thought it might be nice to do something different on this occasion and list a few events which happened at various times on her special day.  So here goes:

  • 1777 - the Marquis de Lafayette arrives in the new "United States"
  • 1805 - Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame) and a few companions of the company arrive at the Great Falls of the Missouri River (a series of waterfalls in North-Central Montana);  this was extremely significant, since not finding this would have put the success of the expedition in jeopardy
  • 1866 - the 14th Amendment to U. S. Constitution passes Congress - a step towards equal rights
  • 1910 - Charles Hamilton makes first one-day round trip NY to/from Phila. by air
  • 1966 - The Supreme Court hands down the Miranda decision (you know, Miranda rights)
  • 1967 - Thurgood Marshall nominated to SCOTUS
  • 1971 - The New York Times published first installment of the Pentagon Papers 
Now those are some pretty cool events.  Well, Mom's a cool lady.

So have a really cool birthday, Mom!


cmsue said...

Very nice tribute to your mom. Those are some interesting events you posted - I am sure she would be proud to know you consider her birthday among the key dates in history!

cinnamonblue said...

Hello there! Great to have you stop by.

Well, Mom was one of the greats, right? Dad, too.

I generally post for both their birthdays and when I caught part of the PBS show about the "Corps of Discovery" and found out that the scouting party arrived at the falls on June 13, it inspired doing this list of events to celebrate her day.

Dad's list will be coming, Lord willing, in January.

Anonymous said...

Mr Joey's birthday is 3/19/02

cinnamonblue said...

Hi there - thanks for commenting - do keep stopping by.

BTW, Bailey's birthday is 3/17/2009.