Saturday, January 30, 2010

True Progress

The other day after a book rep and I couldn't do an online meeting (my internet connection was too slow, the tech person said), I thought I would post some of my thoughts about what I consider true progress.

True progress doesn't cost me more money.  Sure, a high-speed internet connection is  nice and certainly less frustrating than dial-up.  However, it seems when I price one, it's always 2 to 3 times what I'm paying now.    And to get digital tv, you either had to buy new tv's and/or get cable or satellite  - or lay out the money for a new antenna (which may only be a short-term fix).  Again, more money out of our pockets.  I think true progress would be a better product at the same or reduced cost!

True progress doesn't punish you for not keeping up.  I'm sick and tired of you know which software manufacturer coming up with new versions - which are becoming less and less compatible with old versions.  Stop holding us hostage already!  Why should we have to lay out the money (again, it comes down to that, eh?) to replace something - just because the new would make the old obsolete?  What was also frustrating about the DTV switch was that when color tv came, we didn't have to replace black and white sets to continue receiving a signal.

True progress doesn't leave people behind.  Shouldn't true progress outreach to make everyone's life better who does embrace it?   Our public education system was certainly progress.  The Civil Rights Bill signaled progress.  The Women's Rights Movement had made progress for women in our society.  We need to work for the next round of innovations, legislation, and activism that will help us progress to a new level.

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