Friday, February 12, 2010

Tired of the Same Old Songs

You may notice a new page tab at the top - "Song List".  I've been wanting to do something, anything, I can for some time now because I get so tired of the radio stations I mainly listen to play the same old songs over and over again. It's also a complaint I've heard from many people. No wonder folks get an mp3 player and listen privately. You can make sure listen to exactly what you want - the variety is up to you.

There are some songs that are so overplayed I'm just sick and tired of them. Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is a good song, but how many millions of times can I listen to it? Meanwhile there's so much recorded music that never or hardly ever gets played now. Aren't there still "album tracks"? Why don't the stations play some of those? I can remember that when I heard a station play 2 or 3 songs from an album it usually meant the album was pretty good (assuming one liked those tracks). To me, having such limited playlists just doesn't make sense. I actually wrote to a "local" station with a brief song list of songs I hope they'd consider and got a nice reply. Don't think I've ever heard any of those songs, though.

So you can help, too. For one thing, if you call to request, don't request something they play all the time. Request something they haven't played in say - a month - or more! For another, let the stations - music directors, etc., know if you can that you'd appreciate more variety.

So check out my list - of course it's subjective; I already hear plenty of songs I can do without, so I'm going to list ones I like and would like to hear. To keep the page smooth, I took off comments on the Song List page. However, I'd still love to know what you think. To comment or to share your own list, reply to this post.

P. S. Yeah, maybe I should look up some new stations. There are a couple I'd like to check out more, if I can get them in with decent reception. Listening over the Internet is also a possibility depending on the connection the station wants you to have.


Nancy said...

Hey ...I really love a lot of songs on your playlist.

Do you have an iPod or MP3 player so you could have all of these songs at your fingertips? Suzanne really loves hers. We should help you hook it up.

cinnamonb said...

Hi there!!!

I actually don't have an MP3 player, believe it or not. I do have personal cassette and cd players, so I can always listen to cassettes or cds - even ones I've recorded. Most of the songs on my list I have on vinyl, either on LP or 45 - but I think I really need an updated stereo system - well, maybe one of these days. :-)