Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Desktop Musings

Hello to any readers out there!  I know, I know - I haven't quit blogging; I just have to be able to get to it and have something to write about!

I recently decided I was just tired of the desktop wallpaper I was using on my computer at work.  So I spent, literally, hours searching for a new one.  This one was too busy, that one was too dark, another one looked terrible at that size...oh gee, I'm not picky, am I?  I decided I'd like one with cherry blossoms (hopefully they mean good luck).  Of course it wasn't easy finding one that wasn't an overpowering photo, nor blurry around the edges (ok for a wall, but not my computer screen).  I finally found one and I think I'm happy with it.  BTW, I also changed my home computer's desktop wallpaper as well - to a photo with a bluebird in it.  I need all the luck I can get!!!

After I switched to the new desktop wallpaper at work, I moved my shortcut icons around.  I wanted to get them in places where  the ones I really needed would be more visible against the new background and I also thought I'd move the three I used the most to slightly different areas.  I noticed that before moving them, my icons seemed to be for the most part all on the left side of the desktop (my home ones still are - since I don't want to cover the bluebird which is on the right).  Now my main three at work are just off center (2 a bit to the  left and 1 a bit to the right).

Do most of us tend to keep our icons on the left? It does seem to feel a bit more natural that way.  Is it because we read from left to right so we tend to look toward that side of the screen first?  Do we keep them in neat columns? mine aren't anymore, since I wanted to work around my new desktop photo.  Do we really use them?  So many programs want to add shortcuts to the desktop - and I really don't use most of those!

Even though the process to find my cherry blossom photo took way too long, I'm glad I decided to make that change.  After years of the same image on that screen, I was suddenly ready for something different. I"m also glad it led to a change at my home computer, too.  Changing those images may have been in reality, a small thing, but they did give me a sense of renewal.

So what's your desktop like?

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