Monday, June 23, 2014

Challenge Poem

I'm always wondering what to blog about or write about (many of you know I write poetry). In my continuing search for prompts or inspiration, I came across Jeremy's site .  He has been posting challenges and prompts for each day this year.  Wow - he's dedicated!

I wasn't sure if any would really spark any writing, although there were some really neat prompts, verbal and musical, as well as thought quotes. Still, what gets one creating -------- well, one never knows.

Then one of his phrase prompts stuck in my mind and I did get a poem out of it!  I don't think I've posted a poem on this blog (although I have on my other one) so I hope all of you enjoy it.  Here goes:

"Any Day Posh"

Elegant solutions – mathematically

Elegant party – socially

Elegant desserts - indulgently

Elegant music – symphonically

Elegant wandering - inquisitively

Elegant universe – cosmically

Elegant blessings - spiritually

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