Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Me, By the Numbers

Saw this idea in a post of ideas for blog post topics and thought it might be fun. So here goes my version:

Number of current pets: 1
Number of Jane Austen novels I've actually read: 2
Number of times I've been on an airplane: 3
Number of Presidential resting places I've visited: 4 (Adams, Adams, FDR, JFK)
Number of magnets on drawers of my computer desk: 5
Number of years I've done this blog: 6 - as of next month
Number of Meryl Streep movies I've seen: 7 (some on big screen, some on tv or video)
Number of letters in the name of my favorite song: 8 ("Question" by the Moody Blues!)
Number of years I've been blogging: 9 (I started my first blog in March, 2005)
Number of books on a small book rack in my dining room: 10
Number of pens in the pencil cup by my computer: 11
Number of biological aunts and uncles: 12
Number of pens in the pencil cup in my writing center: 16 (Gee- why is it called a pencil cup when pens are more likely to be found in it?  And 'pencil cup' sounds so pedestrian - it needs a better name! :-) )
Number of years at C. C. C.: 25 

So there are some of my numbers.  What are some of yours?

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