Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's a Cat's Life

Guest Post by Bailey:

Mommy has asked me to give you a cat's perspective.  So I will do my best.

We cats are pretty sensible creatures.  You humans could learn from us.  We know what is really important:  eating, sleeping, playing, and occasionally hunting.  

We can appreciate music; I know my predecessor, Spunky, particularly liked classical.  Mommy sometimes asks me if I do as well, usually when watching a program called "On Stage at Curtis."  I find it ok, but I haven't really decided on a favorite genre of music yet.  

We cats can be pretty amazing.  Sometimes I run very fast right past Mommy and she wonders how I did that. I can also bound off of her bed very well when we play with my rope.  And I can tell by the sound of the drawer opening when Mommy gets it out.  And of course, I know to go to my hoop right away when we're ready for me jump through it and earn kitty treats.

I often watch stray cats pass outside.  I'm not sure if I envy their freedom, or feel sorry they don't have a better, more steady home.

I guess that's about it for now.  Oh, yes, Mommy said that last night someone named Suze approved a kitty portrait someone wanted to buy.  Goes without saying that should have  been immediately approved!


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