Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Reading List - Updated!

Greetings all -

I know, I know, I don't post here often.  I put most of my blogging into my other blog, The View From Here (feel free to visit there anytime!).  But it's nice to still have this here and to write about  - well whatever!

So I just thought I haven't written much about reading in quite sometime.  Truth is, I do a lot of reading online - news and articles.  Should do books more, but...

Anyway, there are some books I do want to get to:

First on the list is Tomlinson Hill by Chris Tomlinson.  I saw stories and coverage of it on PBS and C-Span BookTV.  It covers lives of both black and white residents of the named hill through generations.  One hook is that one set ot Tomlinsons today includes Ladanian Tomlinson, an all-time top NFL running back who I actually knew about!  Another hook was that author Chris said he had a section in the book about racism and how to deal with it.  Now THAT ought to be worth reading.

Another on the list it Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. It's been around a while now, but I only recently got a copy.  Tales of economic intrigue around the world - sounds like a winner.

Another on the list would be Licensed to Lie by Sidney Powell.  This is about corruption and abuses in the federal criminal justice system.  I saw her on C-Span (BookTV, I believe); she was impressive so I think this should be a good read.

Another is The Material Gene by Kelly Happe.  I also saw her on BookTV.  I left it on since there was nothing else I wanted on; I was very surprised that what she had to say was extremely interesting.  

Also, I should probably get to: Outrageous Acts and Ordinary Rebellions by Gloria Steinem.  Would you believe I bought this many years ago and still haven't read it?  She was on one of those C-Spans (probably BookTV again) promoting her latest book, My Life on the Road.  That sounds pretty good, too, but I thought before I shell out for that I should read the earlier one.  So I found where I'd "hidden it" - not the bookshelf I thought it was on - and now have it available for when I get to perusing it.  

Notice no fiction on this list?  I don't really read a lot of fiction.  Don't care much for dark or tragic fiction, so I steer clear of those (yup, I really do read the endings first!) I do like a romance novel sometimes - regency romances often.  They can sometimes be "cookie cutter" so I'm not wholesale into 'hey, let's get started reading the next one!'  But I do have a few novels around I haven't read so maybe one day...

And I can't forget:  there are also two WWII era memoirs I have and really should read.  One is Survival of a Spirit by Ms. Salier, a Holocaust Survivor, and the other is Beyond the Ouija Board written by Ms. Michaelis, the dear Mother of a former colleague.  That one is about her memories of occupied Belgium.  And I think there's another memoir that may be of the same era which a cousin gave me.  

Guess we should be thankful for a banquet of reading choices.  Why not share your reading list in comments?  Inquiring minds want to know!


See this post on TVFH for another book I should add to my list.

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