Sunday, February 21, 2016

Timely Gift?

Hello -

Again I do see I've gotten a few page views.  But would LOVE some comments... love to hear from other real humans!!!  And please don't forget about my other blog, The View From Here... be sure to visit there as well (link on right, hint, hint :-)  )... and comments and encouragement would be MOST welcome.

I know I don't post here that often it seems, but here's something pretty neat I thought should be shared.  It was just this past Halloween when my neighbor called and said some neighborhood kids had been out throwing pumpkins and had dented my mailbox.  Indeed they had - and it was now also tilted it on its pedestal and it was getting ever harder for me to even open it.

A new mailbox was certainly indicated if not a real necessity.  Then I thought ---- "I have one in my garage," I told my neighbor.  He promised to check if it was still ok after quite some years.

You see, the prospective mailbox was given to my Mom by her nephew some years ago. Mom was grateful, of course, but since we already were using one, we just never switched.  And after my parents both passed away, I didn't either.

But guess what?  Maybe that gift was just waiting for the right time.  My neighbor cleaned it up a bit and --- it finally got installed today -  ummm I guess now it was yesterday (Saturday)!  It looks great.  Take away?  I guess we never really know sometimes when what we give or something we do might really be useful or bear fruit.  Another example, months later I got a wonderful e-mail from Dr. Frisby after sending her a message of supportDr. Frisby is the faculty member mentioned in this post from TVFH which has a link to her statement. Notice a link to Alexandra Franzen's site at the right?  She has a wonderful post there -  "It All Matters."  I receive her newsletter and believe it or not, the issue with that link in it came within no more than a day of receiving Dr. Frisby's e-mail (can you say synchronicity?)!

Anyway, what we give, do, say may blossom... whenever!


Nancy Walker-Hunter said...

Mollie, so glad that you can use the other mailbox. I can't tell you how many things I need to throw away but still hold on to it. On the other hand, its supports the "too much stuff" problem that we all have. On the other hand, some of the things I've gotten rid of, I needed later and was very sorry I threw them out. Dilemma, dilemma. So KUDOS to you for keeping the other mailbox and remembering that it can be so useful now.

Cousin Nancy

Sara Miller Fuller said...

Nice that you remembered and brought the mailbox out of hiding. It's amazing what comes to mind or need after Winter subsides and as Spring approaches when all kinds of things are revealed. Like many of us, I too have 'stuff', for me - stored in my basement - which I always say I need to clean out, but never do.

This morning when I let my dog Zoey, my little Shih-Poo, outside for a brief run, I couldn't help yanking some weeds from my raised bed garden on my deck.

As I was tilling the bed, I noticed some Horehound herb popping up. I thought of my little clay pots in the basement, which would be perfect for placing these little survivors into, hoping that they will thrive.

So down into the basement I went.... Urghh! I dug them out, along with some of the other forgotten planters, and placed my little Horehound babies into a new home.

I thought, Spring is here! Just as you reclaimed your old mailbox, today I have reclaimed a pot which will represent the start of my spring planting.

Cousin Sara

cinnamonblue said...

Hello Nancy and Sara -

thanks so much for reading and commenting. That means a lot!

Yes, Nancy, it is a dilemma sometimes to know what to keep and what to dispose of... but once in a while you get surprised like this that something tucked away really proves useful!

Sara --- kudos to you for rescuing your horehound pop-ups. I hope they really thrive. Spring really is coming isn't it? Spring planting is really a sign of hope, too, isn't it? And give Zoey a pat!